Add Greenery to Your Scenery

Add Greenery to Your Scenery in 3 Ways

Indoor plants can instantly bring life to any space. They enhance one’s mood and most importantly, they are also natural air-purifiers. They’ve always been on our home décor checklist. Have they been on yours as well?

If yes, then you will surely like the three creative tips we have put together to add a dash of greenery in your home and make it even prettier and vibrant.

Classic floor plants – Whether you have a green thumb or not, this is the easiest and quickest way to add some greenery to your home. You can buy large pots and place real or artificial plants in them depending on the weather conditions in your area. They can light up any dull or awkward corner at home. You could even add a cluster of small plants and create a mini garden at home.

Remember, it is ok if the weather conditions in your area don’t support natural plants. You can still add a variety of artificial ones to get the same visual effect. IKEA’s FEJKA and SMYCKA series have a beautiful spread of artificial indoor plants and flowers to choose from.

Indoor Plants

Shelfies – You can also add a variety of succulents on different shelf units of your home and instantly perk those areas. You can choose from aloe, cacti, African violets, ferns, etc.
They are aesthetically pleasing and low-maintenance. You can place them in a brass coloured DAIDAI pot from IKEA which is chic, makes a statement and is pocket-friendly.

Hanging plants – Another great way to decorate your home. This saves floor space, invites lushness and instantly adds a modern ambience. DRUVFLÄDER is a gorgeous hanging planter to hang on your balcony or by the kitchen window.

Go ahead and add greenery to your home scenery and make it a visual delight for all your family and friends.

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