Bedroom Furnishing Ideas

Check This Out Before You Furnish Your Bedroom!

Your bedroom should be the most peaceful area of your home. At the end of a tiring day, this room should be your go-to room for some ‘me-time’ before the kids, dog, and electronics pop in. So, the furniture in your bedroom should be such that keeps everything organized, takes care of all the clutter and at the same time has a calming effect on you. When you walk in here, you should feel like staying here forever. You don’t want to walk into a room where everything is lying around. Instead, you want to walk into a room where everything is neatly stored. The color tone, lighting, furniture and linen should also be perfectly coordinated with each other.

Sounds like a lot to be done? Fret not. Let us go section by section.

Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Wardrobe: A wardrobe should be such that everything is available easily. Whether you have a lot of stuff or limited stuff, you shouldn’t waste 20 minutes every day just finding what you want. PAX system wardrobes let you store everything in an organized manner. They give you options to segregate everything- work clothes, casual clothes, outing clothes, nightwear, shoes, bags, woolen wear, etc., in different sections. In this way, everything you want will be stored nicely and can be found at the blink of an eye when needed. Thus, your bedroom will also be clutter free.

Bed storage: Apart from wardrobe storage, you can also use the space available under your bed to store the stuff you don’t need on a regular basis in neat storage boxes.

Wall shelves: Now, coming to walls. You can give blank walls a facelift by adding shelves on them. Here you can store your books, photo frames, artefacts, candles, vases and other memorable items. The EKBY ALEX shelf is a multi-purpose shelf with drawers as well.

Racks– You can add racks above your bed or on walls. Depending upon the available space you can add book racks, shoe racks, etc. They don’t have to be filled in immediately. You can fill them up over a period.

Bedside tables: Aren’t bedside tables a must? They can be useful for bedside storage as well keeping your glasses, books, water bottles, lamps, electronics, etc.

Dressing tables: These can be added depending upon the available space. You don’t want a crowded bedroom. You can either add a cutesy dressing table or have mirrors on your wall/wardrobe to save on space. If you do have a spacious bedroom, you can totally add a vibrant dressing table to give your bedroom a personality.

To conclude, we hope this article helps you in some small way to get you started on mission bedroom!

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