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Creative Ways To Welcome Ramadan This Year

Ramadan is here and the best way to welcome this holy month is to decorate your home beautifully and make it cheerful and vibrant. A well-decorated home will instantly bring in joy and happiness to every family member in your home. In fact, you and your family can get together and decorate your home and make it even more special and bring in the holiday spirit. Here are a few creative ideas from us at IKEA to welcome Ramadan this year.

Lighting: Ramadan lighting can never go wrong. So, bring out the lighting from last year and use it in a new area of your home this year. And if you are going to buy new lights, then buy those traditional lanterns and use decorative string lights around them. Then place them on a shelf or mantel to highlight a particular area of your home. You can use the Rotera and Borrby for this purpose. They come in a variety of colors and are beautiful to look at.

Vases- Vases can bring any corner to life. So, place statement vases with artificial flowers or potpourri in them for an instant area makeover. Since, dates are a staple this month, you can place a beautiful vase with dates in them at the center table of your living room for guests.

Colorful cushions- You can instantly change the vibe in a dull room by adding a few colorful cushions in it. They add comfort and style and above all are reasonable in price so they can be changed as per your whims and fancies. And when you have guests over this month, a few good sofa and floor cushions will instantly make your home too comfortable to leave. The Hemmafast collection goes perfectly with the Ramadan festivities with its colorful and floral range of cushion covers, tableware and other home textiles.

Display table- You can use any existing table in your home and make it the display table for the month of Ramadan. Here you can hang banners of Ramadan kareem, add beautiful candles, string lights, countdown posters and place the iftar foods every evening to break the fast.

 Involving Kids- Even though most kids don’t fast this month, they are inquisitive to know about this month. So, you can involve your kids in the decoration of your home and setting the table for them to feel like a part of the festivity. You can take their help in making garlands, artwork and paper lanterns while everyone else is fasting.

There are many more simple and creative ways to decorate your home and welcome Ramadan this year. Do the best you can and make this month even more special for you and your loved ones.

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