How to make a home spa

How to Make a Home Spa

With the fast-paced nature of our lives, we all need some time to just relax. Welcome to your very own home spa! Yes, you can create a spa in the comfort of your home without spending a fortune and rejuvenate yourself. Start out with our list of must-haves for a home spa that you will surely love!

Organisation – The room you are going to create your home spa in must be extremely organised. Try not to overcrowd this room. Minimalism is the key here. Have clean linens, soothing lights, scented candles, some fresh flowers, calming music, refreshing herbal tea, etc., to set the mood of the room.

Soft linens – Buy a set of comfortable robe and slippers. Also, keep a stack of clean soft towels. Aren’t you feeling relaxed just by reading this? Well, we surely are relaxed.

The perfect music – Your favourite music is an essential ingredient to set the mood! So, keep a playlist ready for your spa session. Your favourite music will relax your mind and get you in the spa mood before you know it.

Say it with candles – Don’t you think a spa is¬ incomplete without candles? You can place your favourite aromatic candles in a corner and let its fragrance relax you thoroughly. If you are not a fan of aromatic candles, then you can keep tea lights in beautiful holders and set the mood right with this lighting. For candles, you can choose from SINNLIG and LUGGA collection from IKEA. They have a wide variety of pretty scented candles and tea lights. You could also keep potpourri in beautiful vases and make the room look and smell fabulous.

Fresh flowers – Fresh flowers will spread freshness and vibrancy into your room. So, buy your favourite flowers, dip them in a beautiful vase and place it in an empty corner of the room to instantly add life. IKEA’s new STOCKHOLM collection is a steal at the price it is available, and looks every bit stunning.

Beautiful frames – Add some beautiful frames with lovely photos that are soothing for your eyes. You can choose beautiful posters from TVILLING and PJÄTTERYD collection and RIBBA collection for some classic and pocket-friendly frames.

Finishing touch – The most important final touch to this room is the removal of all your tech devices which include your phone, laptop, etc. This place aims for ultimate relaxation. And with your devices asking for attention, you can’t have that. So, follow this rule, and you will love your personal time!

We hope that our list of must-haves helps you in creating your very own home-spa for some happy me-time.

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