Bedside Table

Perfect bedside tables for phones, glasses & water bottles

Bedside tables are small and compact but an essential requirement in the bedroom to store phones, glasses, books, water bottles, etc. They are not only functional but have an aesthetic appeal too as they enhance the look of the bed and further improve the appearance of the bedroom.

The perfect one can be an open one or with a chest of two drawers. It depends on each one’s personal preference. Here is our edit of the ones we think are just perfect!

HEMNES Bedside Table

HEMNES Bedside Table – This a great buy if you want a stylish yet minimalistic design. It comes with a smooth-running drawer with a pull-out stop. It has a solid wood finish and comes in five shades- white, white-satin, pink, black-brown and yellow respectively. It is 46 cm wide, 35 cm deep and has a height of 70 cm.

NORNAS Bedside Table

NORNAS Bedside Table – If you are looking for an open and adjustable nightstand, then this one is a great option. It is made of solid wood and has an adjustable shelf. So, you can make optimal use of the available space. It is 37cm wide, 40 cm deep and 52 cm in height.

SELJE Bedside Table

SELJE Bedside Table – This one comes with a wireless charger. If your phone supports wireless charging, then you must just place it on the charging point on the table. If it doesn’t, then you must buy a VITAHULT wireless charging cover, put it on your phone and continue with wireless charging. Furthermore, you can charge two devices at the same time since the charger also has a USB port. This bedside table is 46 cm wide, 37 cm deep and 55.5 cm in height. Apart from these charging features, it has a sleek finish and minimalistic design.


UNDREDAL – This is a bedside table with a chest of two drawers. If you are having storage woes, then consider this one. Both the drawers can take weight of up to 5 kg each. It comes in a glossy black colour and has a sturdy finish. It is cm 57 wide, cm 49 deep and 60 cm in height.

TYSSEDAL Bedside Table

TYSSEDAL Bedside Table – This all-white bedside table comes with a smooth-running drawer and an open shelf below. It is 51 cm wide, 40 cm deep and 59 cm in height. You can’t go wrong with this one. It provides sufficient storage space and looks lovely. What more can one ask for?

We hope you liked our picks for perfect bedside tables. Now go ahead and get your bed a perfect side table companion!

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