Redecorate your living room with a Dhs 445 chair

Redecorate Your Living Room with a Dhs 445 Chair.

If you could redecorate your living room with just one piece of furniture, what would it be? Well, if you ask us then we would suggest a chair!

Yes, just a chair could instantly give a new look to your room by adding some character and style to it. And apart from being a just décor item, it has great functionality too. So, quite a multi-tasker it can be!

Here is one of our favourite chairs that not only looks good, but it also sits you down in the most comfortable and cosy manner. Enter POÄNG. This chair is one of IKEA’s oldest and best-selling items that is still going strong. It was designed in the year 1977 by Japanese designer Noboru Nakamura.


Key Features:

• It has an excellent backrest so you can comfortably, watch TV, read a book, work on your laptop or even take a snooze break here. Many buy this chair just for its back support. The high support is also good for the neck.
• It comes with a range of seating cushions that you can change over time to alter the look of your chair and living room.
• For extra comfort, you can buy the armchair with the POÄNG footstool.
• Furthermore, its cover is removable so you can wash it from time to time or even change it for a new look. And its frame can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. So, all in all, this chair is low-maintenance.
• Its frame has a surface of birch veneer which is extremely durable.
• It is priced at DHS 445, and that is an absolute steal!
• It comes in a myriad variety of colours and textures ranging from Vislanda Black/white and Ransta red, to Hillared dark blue, beige, etc.
• It has a rocking-version too for extra comfort and rest.

So, if you are looking to redecorate your living room, all you have to do is add a POÄNG chair and Voila! Your living room has an instant makeover. You will have a new go-to spot every evening after you have finished all your daily chores and would just like to sit back and relax with your loved ones.

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