Every Morning, Sleep 20 Minutes Extra with IKEA Products

Every Morning, Sleep 20 Minutes Extra with IKEA Products

By using IKEA products you get an extra 20 minutes of sleep every morning. Presenting IKEA bedroom furniture that gives you space to store your things in a way that means you’ll find them again. With warm lighting to set the mood and soft textiles to snuggle up in, all at a price that lets you rest easy. It’s what sweet dreams are made of. A well-organised bedroom makes everyday routines like getting dressed more streamlined and creates a calm, restful atmosphere.

Every Morning, Sleep 20 Minutes Extra with IKEA Products

Bed for your beauty sleep – Here’s a thought. If you live to be 90, that’s 32 years of sleep. The right kind of bedroom furniture Feeling your best when you wake up starts with the right bed. One that’s big enough to stretch out but cosy enough to snuggle up tight. With storage for the things you need, so you don’t have to get up once you’re all tucked in. And built to last for years – in a style that you’ll love just as long.

For your sweet dreams – Take home a mattress from IKEA (the way we package them makes that easier – we also deliver) and try it for 30 nights. Sleep like a baby – or bring back the mattress and try another. They’re all super comfy, just in slightly different ways. So our best mattress is the one that feels great for you. Sprung, latex or foam, you can choose as per your requirement.

Organise the wardrobe you have – While making space for another. Some of us have loads of clothes. Others, not so many. Some of us have loads of space. Others, not so much. That’s why we offer bedroom storage solutions to suit you, your space and your ever-expanding clothes collection. A clean, streamlined look and soft-closing drawers help new OPPLAND storage keep things calm and relaxing in your bedroom. The ash veneer finish will age gracefully, so you can enjoy it for years.

You’re never too old for a night light – Bedroom lighting might seem like a silly idea. But the bedroom isn’t just for sleeping. It’s where you cuddle up for a movie, finish that last bit of work and get up to face the day (even when the sun hasn’t). And let’s be honest – trying to do all of that in the dark would just be a nightmare. RISE AND SHINE is easier to do when you wake up to lights and sweet melodies. Use timers to make lights come on in sequence, so you wake up naturally. Store your backup alarm (aka phone) in a BYGEL container to amplify sound.

Or you could keep counting sheep – Getting a good night’s sleep is no problem when you have soft bed linens to wrap up in. Curtains that let you get up with the sun (or sleep until noon). Quilts and pillows perfectly suited to the way you sleep. And cosy bedroom rugs to greet you when you (finally) get up.

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