Tips For An Instant Affordable Refresh To Your Bathroom

Is your bathroom feeling a bit dull? Maybe a little refresh is what it needs? Fret not, a bathroom makeover is not as difficult as it sounds. With our quick and east tips, you can instantly give you bathroom a facelift and not break your bank in the bargain.

Storage: Remove all old and expired products from your bathroom and get it organized. You can use different baskets and boxes and segregate all your items neatly in them. An organized bathroom can make a massive difference in its appearance. Once you have completed the organization process, you will have a better understanding and ideas to change the look and feel of your bathroom.

Mirror Upgrade: This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to give your bathroom an instant change. Depending on your style you can add an elegant or a quirky mirror and give your bathroom an instant style upgrade.

Color Upgrade- You can change the color scheme in your bathroom by changing the colors of your bathroom furniture and accessories. You can even change the color of all your bathroom textiles for a quick refresh.

Fitting Upgrade- Another quick way to refresh the bathroom is by replacing the tap and shower head fittings. Use the same pluming points and just replace the fittings. So, you won’t end up spending a lot of money in the process. You can also add a few corner shelves or racks depending upon your storage space to keep your bathroom organized.

Lighting- Isn’t a well-lit bathroom inviting? So, change the lighting in this important room of your house to change its look and feel. IKEA has a wide variety of affordable yet pretty lighting options you can choose from. Our favorite is the SÖDERSVIK LED wall lamp. You can place it on either side of your mirror as it provides even light for illumination around the mirror and sink.

Candles and vases- Who doesn’t like scented candles in the bathroom while taking a long shower on weekends? So, you can decorate your bathroom area by placing candles and a beautiful vase with potpourri on an empty shelf in the bathroom to give it a fresh new look.


Apart from the above-mentioned ideas, you can try various other things to give your bathroom an instant makeover. So, go ahead and make some changes to make this space a welcoming one!

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