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A sofa table is your go-to for when you decide to upgrade your living area. You cannot deny that sofa tables are as necessary as any other furniture piece. They make the best use of empty spaces and add a decorative touch along the way. Plus, their wide range of sizes and models gives them the ability to fit anywhere, undoubtedly. We know that it can be hard to find the perfect sofa table to fit your needs, so we combined all the popular designs in this guide to help you decide!

– First, and most importantly: Coffee Tables:

Imagine waking up with no place to put your coffee! A coffee table is a must in every living room as it allows you to place several things while you sit on your couch and relax. It can also have a separate shelf where you can easily store books, magazines, etc… This will help keep your things organized. On another note, if you want to be more dangerous, you can opt for the coffee table with a reversible table top where you get to choose the table top colour you want. You can go light by day, and dark by night!

– Side Table for the Ones Who Like to Sit in the Corner:

Side tables are so functional. From placing your lamp, to your cup of tea, side tables are the ideal decorative piece. What we like about them is that they ride solo. That is, you can purchase them separately and add them to any living room design. You can go for sleek and minimal designs, as well as innovative designs to transform your interior. There are side tables that come with storage too! It is that little things that count!

– Tray Tables:

Light to carry, and easy to move around, tray tables are your best friend. Since the tray can be removed, it can used to carry food and drinks to and from the kitchen for when you have guests, or it can be used to display items. Whether you decide to buy one, or buy many, rest assured that tray tables will always come in handy!

– Round Tables:

Some people prefer to go for round tables, and that is not a wrong option at all. Some round tables offer similar usable space as rectangular tables, so you get the same space minus the sharp edges. Its timeless style makes it easy for it to fit in with any furniture, and its shape allows you to either place it in the centre, or on the side.

– Nesting Tables:

Or as we like to say, space-friendly tables. They are the ultimate addition to your living area, especially if you are running short on space. They are easily moveable and are not limited to your living room only! You can use them to replace nightstands in your bedroom, to display certain items in your bathroom, or to just simply place your plants in the conservatory. Not to forget that you can also arrange your nesting tables in a “stepped” manner to make extra space.

– Small Storage Tables:

A win-win situation. Small storage tables are the perfect solution for when you want to maximise space, but still want to maintain a stylish look. You can place the table near your couch and store in it a pillow, a throw, and even a magazine. And if your sofa is comfy, you have just succeeded at turning your living room into a bedroom.

– Console Tables:

Console Tables are great as they are very versatile. They can go along a wall, behind your favourite sofa, or can even be used to divide two rooms. What is nice about them is that they add a unique look to your space while also providing you with an adequate amount of room to store your belongings. Console tables come in different shapes and sizes, so you have the freedom to choose what best suits your liking.

– Storage combination with doors:

We never get bored of storage! Unlike console tables, the storage combination with doors gives you the opportunity to store a heavy load of items that can be hidden and unseen. For instance, you can store serving dishes, cups, and accessories, along with many other. Hidden storage will help make your living or dining area neat and organized. Also, you are given a large surface where you can design a fascinating display.

– Laptop Stand for All You Workaholics:

You can never go wrong with a laptop stand! Working from home has been the ultimate reason for you to invest in pieces that will help make the process simpler. Laptop stands serve for several purposes – mainly for your own benefit. They help position the laptop at the correct height making it comfortable for you to work. Their simple designs make them seem as if they are part of your home décor.

– Last but not Least, the Famous Pouffe:

Used as an extra seat, a footstool, or even as a table if you place a tray! All three uses in one little pouffe proves that it is a must have! The pouffe comes in different sizes, colours, and patterns, so you can easily add it to your space without having to worry if it will match or not!

Ok, we are done. This is your 2021 guide to 10 sofa table designs that you can easily incorporate into your space! You name it, we got it.

Happy decorating!

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