Making home cool for summer

15 Cool Décor Tips to Bring Summer Indoors

Early sunrises and late sunsets, the summer season is the perfect time to spend outdoors. But not always. Often, it gets too hot outside, and the only thing you want to do is feel cool. So, the only solution you have is to have find ways to enjoy your summer moments indoors. That is why we are showing you 15 ways to bring summer indoors.

1. Use Light and Natural Accessories

When you enter your home during the summer, you do not want to be surrounded with dark and dull colors. The addition of light and bright accessories can help transform the whole tone of your space. For instance, you can add palm-printed pillows, woven baskets, or even light-colored throws onto your sofa.

2. Add some Greenery

Summer is the time when beautiful flowers grow. You can easily bring the outside into your home by decorating it with garden flowers. However, taking care of real plants can seem like a burden to some people and we totally understand! That is why artificial flowers exist! Adding artificial flowers or artificial potted plants to your kitchen or living room can definitely brighten up your space and change the whole mood. You can even choose a plant stand to match with your furniture. That way, you will be able to place your plants anywhere in your home!

3. Experiment with Lighting

Adding lanterns to your home can completely enhance a home’s décor. You can either hang the lantern or place it upright in your dining or living room area. Moreover, you can connect LED lighting chains on the wall – a super easy way to add more lighting since they do not require any plugs or cables! Rest assured that this technique would create a warm, romantic feel to your space in the most effortless way!

4. Change Your Bedding

One of the easiest changes you can make to your home is to change your old bed sheets into new, summery ones. That will directly enhance your bedroom creating a vibrant look! You can opt for minimal and natural designs, or you can go for flowery duvet covers and bedspreads.

5. Use Fruit to Decorate

You can never get enough of summer fruits and their bright colors. Limes, lemons, and other citrus fruits may be used to add a pop of color to your kitchen. You can arrange them in a decent manner, using serving bowls.

6. Use Bright Prints

Nothing screams summer better than vivid colors. If your walls are looking dull, you can add wall art, such as frames with posters. And if you have an artistic side, you can always hang your own flashing paintings! You are also advised to add bright yellow colors since yellow symbolizes good energy and joy! Yellow cushions, yellow blankets, and yellow vases would work very well.

7. Summer Scents

Freshen up your home with summer scents that will lighten up your mood. You can choose to go for pure scents, such as lemon, or floral scents, like lilac. Another option would be filling your home with scented candles. After all, walking into a home with a beautiful scent will, undoubtedly, change your state of mind.

8. Upgrade your Tableware Accessories

Leave your soup bowls and tea mugs aside and upgrade your kitchenware with summery accessories. Jugs for your fresh cold juices, tropical trays for serving your summer salads, and big serving bowls for your fruit salads. Also, wooden tableware can help give a contemporary mood to your space, while also maintaining a farmhouse feel.

9. Freshen with Rattan

Rattan is ideal for designing an exotic space! You can incorporate rattan decorative pieces around your home in such a simple way. For example, you can add a rattan plant stand, a rattan mirror, or even a rattan armchair into your space. This will instantly give your home a ‘holiday’ vibe.

10. Let the Sunshine in!

During winter, most people might prefer to close the curtains and feel cozy, but in summer this is a big no! To bring summer into your home, you must let the sunshine in. That is why you should switch your dark curtains and replace them with light ones. You can go for curtains with a linen fabric that will allow the sun to shine through the weave but will create privacy at the same time!

11. Set up a lemonade stand

Make a cute little stand to serve freshly squeezed lemonade, just like the ones kids set up in summer!

12. Make a beach scene

Spread out a beach towel or blanket and arrange some sand pails, shovels and inflatable beach balls around to recreate the beach vibe.

13. Hang a hammock

If you have space, hanging up a cozy hammock can make you feel like you’re relaxing at a tropical resort.

14. Create a picnic area

Set up a picnic blanket with a small portable cooler, basket and plastic plates/utensils for an indoor picnic.

15. Make paper fans

Let kids cut out fun designs on paper and attach them to Popsicle sticks to make handheld fans they can use to stay cool.

You just went through 15 different ways you can create a summer feel in your own home! Simple, yet refreshing, there is no doubt that these ideas will transform your whole space!

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