Furniture Trends 2022

2022 Furniture Trends

2022 Furniture Trends

With more time indoors, rooms turning into offices, and kitchens becoming playgrounds, 2021 was quite a difficult year for everyone. But we like to look at the bright side of things! We have learnt a few decorative lessons in 2021 that can surely make this year a whole lot better! 2022 is all about functionality and sustainability, while adding a unique touch to your space. We have gathered some of the 2022 furniture trends that we believe will help make your home the place to be! Now without further ado, let us take a look at what is in this season…

Sustainability with A Side of Rattan

With no doubt, sustainability has been a major topic! That is why, this year, it is important that you try and opt for environmentally friendly interior trends, and with that said, rattan is at the top of the list! Rattan furniture has been really popular for the outdoors. That is because they instantly create a natural vibe. However, it is not obligatory for you to only include such furniture outdoors! You can easily add rattan furniture pieces in your living room, like a rattan armchair or a rattan footstool with storage. Also, you can pair them with plants and lamps – a great way to invite nature into your home!

Functionality, Functionality, Functionality!

Yes, we will repeat it one more time: functionality. 2021 was the year when we realized that having a functional home is of utmost importance! That is why, we want to introduce to you the importance of having multi-functional pieces of furniture that serve for more than only one purpose! For instance, a sofa bed can effortlessly transform your living room into a bedroom or guest room. Also, we would like to present to you our TRULSTORP coffee table – it adds more functions to your living room as you can easily switch between different activities (HINT: eating, working, storing). We advise you to check it out!

Color Trends

When deciding on what furniture to choose, it is also important that you decorate your space with trendy colors! This season, stone blue, yellow, green, and white are popular colors. You can easily integrate them in your home through the use of cushions, paintings, or even rugs.
In addition, this might not be considered as a “color”, but marble surfaces continue to be a popular option, and not only for kitchen counters, but for other furniture pieces too. This design brings a feeling of luxury into your space and combines modern with classic. In other words, you can never go wrong with marble! It would be a great idea to include our FRÖTORP side table – its base comes with a marble effect which gives the table a personal character.


With 2022 comes simplicity! Say goodbye to your crowded space and hello to a refined, simple, and minimal space. Most of this year’s trends focus on achieving a simple, yet functional design. For instance, in your kitchens, handle-free cabinets and “touch to open” systems are becoming more favored. This ensures a contemporary vibe, yet it makes sure that your space still fully functions! Also, large mirrors and natural materials, such as wood, in bathrooms are still recommended as they maintain the freshness of the space and can complement any style. We can conclude by saying “Less Is More”, we will leave the rest to you!

Now you know that sustainability, functionality, and simplicity are three things to look at when designing your 2022 home. It is with no doubt that the use of natural and sustainable materials, along with earthy colors is the way to go! Never forget that when you invest in furniture pieces, try to make sure that they serve for more than one purpose. Functionality in decorative elements never fails!
Happy 2022 decorating!

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