3 easy and healthy Iftar meal ideas

3 easy and healthy Iftar meal ideas

Ramadan Kareem! The holy month of Ramadan has commenced, necessitating a major change in the eating habits for the devout and those who observe fasting. Iftar, the meal which breaks the fast after sunset, is valued by many, as it brings together family and friends over a lovely feast.

Even when celebrating this precious time, it would be great to include healthy meals. They would not only help you keep fit, but can actually give you more energy and stamina than unhealthy foods.

So, if you’re looking for healthy Iftar meal ideas, IKEA has some nice suggestions.


Aside from the traditional water and dates that are consumed while breaking the Ramadan fast, it is very common to find a large bowl of soup taking pride of place at the Iftar table. While fasting, it’s easy to get dehydrated. Therefore, a nice, warming bowl of soup will replenish your body’s fluids and get your energy levels back.

Of these, lentil soup is by far the preferred and most common choice for many, and for good reason. Lentils are packed with very beneficial nutrients too, which will make the fasting process much easier.

Middle Eastern salads

This is not one dish but a whole category – one that can be found in a majority of Iftar spreads. Salads are the obvious choice if you want to start with a light meal to prepare your stomach after a long day of not eating anything.

A classic would be the Fattoush salad, made simply with fresh vegetables, toasted pita bread, brought together with a sumac-based dressing. Tabbouleh is another common and very popular choice that would make for a delicious and healthy starter. Or, for a low carb, high protein option, choose a simple chicken and vegetable salad!


A rice-based dish is almost always found on an Iftar spread, mainly because this is an easy way to get your calories and carb requirements. Further, it can easily pair well with many options. A plate of classic chicken and rice can always be relied on.

Another option that pairs well with rice is a pot of stew with your choice of base, protein, and vegetables. Want a lighter option? Swap regular rice for cauliflower rice. Want to make it vegan? Replace animal-based proteins with vegetables.

And there you are! With these 3 staple ideas, your Iftars are bound to be light, flavourful and full of energy!

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