3 types of lights to consider

3 types of lights to consider

When planning to decorate your interiors, you might consider as priority elements like furniture, accessories, or painting, sometimes overlooking the importance of selecting the perfect lighting for your spaces.
If you are considering making changes to the whole house or a specific area, it is important to choose the adequate type of lighting to match perfectly with that appealing and comfortable mood you want to achieve in your home decor.
Check out these three types of lights to consider taking your spaces to the next level!

LED ceiling track

Ceiling tracks are the perfect option if you are looking for a simple and functional solution, as they provide a discreet look and enough lighting that can be distributed to different spots of your room. The good thing about them is that they can be installed on any interior surface, and you can direct the bulbs individually to highlight specific points in the room based on your needs and preferences.
There are different sizes of ceiling tracks with more or fewer bulbs, and they fit well in bedrooms, hallways, or kitchens.

Light panels

Brightening up with light panels is a great way to give an aesthetic twist to your rooms while enjoying an illuminated space. LED light panels can be decorative and useful at the same time, and you can mix and match different sizes of panels to create an interesting appearance on your walls or ceilings.
If you are in the kitchen cooking, you will most probably need a well-lit room, but you might consider cozier lighting if you are sitting in the living room watching TV. Light panels are the solution, as the most modern ones are designed to be remote-controlled according to your needs, adjusting the intensity of the light from bright to dim, setting that perfect scene you are looking for and adjustable to any of your rooms. That’s the magic of LED lights!

Floor or table lamps

Classic floor or table lamps are always essential for every space. They give a homey feeling of comfort and cosiness, and you can place them to fill a specific spot with light. Also, these types of lamps are portable, so you can move them from one place to another thanks to their versatility.
Floor lamps are great if you want to add height and elegance to your room, and this is why interior designers always consider them, as they make a real impact on the whole scene of your space, and they are usually placed in the corner or the edges of a room.
Table lamps are important as well, especially for those moments when you want to read, study, or write. They can provide the necessary lighting for you to focus on your work or before going to bed without straining or forcing your vision.
Now that we know the importance of considering the right lamp for your rooms, it’s time to get creative and bring out your inner artist.

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