4 criteria to count when buying a mattress

4 criteria to count when buying a mattress

Your body is your temple, and there are many ways to take care of it. From eating healthy and exercising to having good sleeping habits, giving attention to these essential needs can completely enhance your lifestyle.
Having a good sleep is how your body recharges itself with the needed energy, but there are many factors that might affect your sleep throughout the night and therefore your performance during the day.
Bad sleep can generate stress, pain, and tiredness. Obviously, it might be reflected in the loss of concentration during the day. This is where you should consider finding a solution, and most probably, the answer can be related to your mattress.
If you are wondering how to buy a mattress, either for a new bed or replacing an older one, there are some criteria to take into consideration that will contribute to your overall health and comfort:

1. Focus on comfort

As obvious as it might sound, sometimes ignoring the specifications of a mattress can be a big mistake. It’s not necessarily the most expensive mattress that is the best for you; just focus on those factors that can make you feel comfortable, such as firmness, size, or materials used.
Make sure to understand that each body is unique, and you should consider buying a mattress with specific characteristics that match your resting needs. Take your time to check different options and don’t rush yourself; the perfect mattress is somewhere out there waiting for you!

2. Pick the right firmness

Mattresses are designed in different materials and, consequently, the firmness will vary from soft to medium to firm.
It is important to understand that a firm mattress is not necessarily better than a soft one or vice versa. Your spine will need enough firmness to have the proper support, but having excessive pressure can be uncomfortable, while a very soft mattress might make your spine sink more than it should, and as a consequence, affect you with bad posture and back pain. The key is to find the mattress that will provide you with the balance for your needs according to your sleeping habits, weight, and comfortability.
If you are a stomach sleeper, then consider buying a firm mattress. But if you prefer side or back sleep, a medium-soft mattress can help keep your spine aligned without putting too much pressure on your body. Soft mattresses are ideal for those who suffer from muscle aches.
Can’t decide on one sleeping position? Your safest choice would be a medium-firm mattress, as it will provide you with the best support while you change your sleeping positions throughout the night.

3. A mattress for each body type

Selecting the right mattress for you can also depend on your body type. People over 250 pounds tend to have a deeper sleep, and they should consider a firmer mattress than those lightweight sleepers, as they sink further into the mattress, so a heavy mattress can help to prevent spine desalination.
Lightweight sleepers generally rest better using soft materials, as they don’t put much pressure on the mattress. If the bed is excessively firm, the sleeper will not sink in sufficiently to ease pressure on the joints. Remember, there is always the option of buying a medium-firm mattress to stay in between.

4. The perfect material

Mattresses are generally divided into three main categories: memory foam, latex, and springs.
Memory foam is a soft and squishy material, and it displaces pressure from specific points on the body, relieving pain. Memory foam softens and molds to your shape using your body heat. This offers exceptional support and comfort. Memory foam will progressively rebound after pressure is removed, remembering your body shape and best resting position over time, hence the name “memory.” They have been known to be hotter than normal mattresses because they cradle your body, and the dense foam retains heat.
Latex mattresses are a good option for their durability, and they have elastic properties that adapt quickly to your body weight, shape, and movements. They are also extremely comfortable. Latex mattresses, tend to be heavier and more expensive than other materials.
A spring or innerspring mattress is the most traditional type of the three main categories. It is typically cheaper, and it is designed to give support without silking from the body weight. It is less durable and not recommended for people with back pain.
Make sure to find a mattress that matches your needs and don’t hesitate to try their comfortability, explore different options, and get a long enough warranty. IKEA offers up to ten years of warranty time for their mattresses. Buying your perfect mattress is a life-changing decision. It is a safe move, and you won’t regret it.

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