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4 Criteria’s to Consider When Buying Cushion Covers

With every season coming by, you change your wardrobe to match the weather. Sometimes you opt to throw everything away, but sometimes you choose to add some items to it. It all depends on your mood. And, so does your home decoration. Why renovate all your couches when one small touch can change the whole scenery? Colorful cushions can do the trick in less time and in a pocket friendly way!

Cushions are very warm and reveal a lot about your personality. You give character to a space with small details, in just a few square centimeters, to be more precise!

Check out some selected super cool cushion covers from IKEA as we guide you with some tips on how to choose the right one.

1- Colors

Plain colors covers are essentials in every home. They can be placed in every room giving a touch of life and light. They may also fit as a decoration for your shelves or windowsills. The beauty is in the details. Considering printed cushion covers is a clever idea if the room’s theme is dominated by one color only. Adding a touch of vibrance helps in raising your spirits.

2- Shapes

The most chosen shape for cushion covers is the square one. However, why don’t you break the tradition by mixing and matching, such as round with rectangular cushion shapes on your favorite sofa? Upgrade your go-to couch with stylish, new covers from different colors. It’s like wearing a Rubi with a black dress. Stepping in style and changing your mood. That’s what renovation is all about.

3- Sizes

Cushion covers sizes play a major role in revamping your home. They render your sofa more luxurious or they undervalue it. Yes, they are comfortable after a long working day when you lay down on your bed and put your feet up on them. Fluffy cushions provide a sense of support while watching your movie or reading your book.

4- Textures

Impressions are in the texture also, not only in the color. Cushion covers texture make the room pop. It effects the atmosphere you are trying to create in the room. Let your creativity guide you. Combine different styles and textures together. This way you are allowing the interference of various moods, energies and ambiances. One squared satin cushion tangos with an embroidery or even a silky cover. Your imagination doesn’t have a limit. Feel free to match textures you like together and place your own signature in every corner in your home.

Cushion covers are accessories you are allowed to change whenever you feel the necessity. They are cost-effective but still effective in creating a certain mood or style consistent with the room and enhancing this further. Play with the covers until you find what you are searching for, or what really expresses your thoughts.

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