4 décor ideas for Ramadan holidays 2022

4 décor ideas for Ramadan holidays 2022

The holy month of Ramadan is here, and you should be excited about the joy, unity, and magic that this season brings to your home as it is a season of prayer, reflection, and community. Muslims all over the world fast during the day and gather in the evenings to celebrate this month.
The charm of Ramadan can be found anywhere. People tend to decorate their houses with relative elements, creating a homey environment to enjoy those special evenings of the holiest month of the year.
Do you want some ideas on how to embellish your home for this 2022 season? Check out these four décor ideas we’ve got for you!

Go traditional with Fanous Lanterns

Fanous lanterns are one of the most representative symbols of Ramadan, and they are historically related to being a symbol of hope and light in the darkness. In Egypt, back in the Fatimid Caliphate, people used these lanterns to welcome Caliph Muizz, who returned home during the holy month of Ramadan, spreading their use to other Muslim countries, and they became a must in every home decoration.
Lanterns are a great option to create a comfortable ambiance as they give warm lighting to your spaces, and you can find different designs and sizes and use them as decorative elements in your living room, entrance, dinner table, or outdoors. They can be filled with fairy lights or candles, giving the perfect cozy feeling to your home.

Use decorative lighting

There are many ways to add decorative light to your home. One of the most popular and beautiful ways is by using lighting chains, and for Ramadan especially, you can opt for moon-shaped bulbs. They can be hung indoors or outdoors or used to decorate the balcony, tables, or your home entrance.
Also, you can add light to specific spots using candle holders. There are many designs, from classic to modern, so matching them with your home decoration won’t be an issue. We recommend using patterns with middle eastern influences in gold or silver to give your space a statement and personality according to the season.

Find some practical trays

Trays are a safe bet for this season because they are both functional and decorative. You can use them to serve food and drinks during Iftar, and use them at the same time as decorative elements at home, on your dinner table or coffee table.Using stainless steel trays with Moroccan pattern, is a perfect addition to your home decoration for Ramadan, and they can be perfectly used to offer your guests different types of nuts, dates, and dry fruits.

Add style with cushions and rugs

Ramadan has a distinct pattern and color palette that can be reflected in your home decor by adding elements such as cushions, rugs, or curtains. These patterns can be classic or modern, and they change the entire atmosphere, giving that festive touch to your living room.Even something as simple as using a couple of cushions covers to your room can make a huge change in your interior decoration. If you want to have a more visually appealing result, matching these seasonal cushions with a rug and curtains is a nice way to make this season more unique and special.

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