4 Essentials for Working from Home

4 Essentials for Working from Home

Life has taught us that we are in constant change, and since the pandemic, our routine has been totally altered. Many industries have revised their rules according to the day-by-day situation. For example, many schools are still educating their students online, and some companies have given the green light for their employees to work from home.
Working from home can be a beneficial experience, but without the correct tools, it can turn out to be complete chaos. This is the reason you should be prepared and have on hand these 4 essential things to work from home:

Laptop Tray

Imagine you are working at home, and you are about to have an important meeting without a decent place to place your laptop. A disaster, right?
A laptop tray is a perfect ally, especially if we do not have enough space in our home to put up an actual office. It is simple to use, portable and comfortable, and according to your budget and space, you can opt for simple laptop support or something bigger like a stand or table. In any case, all the mentioned options are less expensive and more adaptable than a workplace table. Usually, laptop trays are perfectly adjustable to your bed, but they can be used in any area of your house.

Room Dividers

Part of remote work includes communication between teams through video calls, and although some of these calls might be “chill”, others with important or potential clients are more formal and require a dedicated space to focus. Room dividers are your life-saving option to separate and even create new spaces within the same room.
Room dividers are easy to use and store. They can also be disassembled at any time. You can choose a decorative divider and keep it as part of your bedroom or living room, or go for something simpler and removable to save space.

Work Lamps

Sometimes we don’t take into consideration the importance of having good lighting in our spaces, and trust us, it can be a significant factor in being in harmony while working from home. Work lamps are an essential artifact you should have access to. Work lamps can be adaptable to different types of workers. For example, designers would use a different lamp than a teacher or an office worker. Some of them are adaptable in brightness, reach, and form, and most of them are portable and can be placed next to the bed, living room, or home office. Finally, they can simply be a decorative piece after work hours to give an aesthetic touch to your place.


Keeping organization in our responsibilities might be one of the most challenging things about working from home. Therefore, we recommend placing a pegboard to highlight your important tasks to do, meetings, goals, achievements, and any important information.
The exciting thing about pegboards is that they can be used as organizers, to store things (office supplies, lights, pictures, sticky notes, etc.) and as decorations for the wall at the same time, being both stylish and functional.
Having the correct equipment to work from home will help you to feel more comfortable and, consequently, more productive in your performance. Adding small details to your space, such as decoration, some plants, and a great smell, can encourage you to enjoy even more the coziness of working remotely.

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