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4 Ideas for Stunning Outdoors

With the season shifting to a cooler one, it is finally time to step out into your balcony or garden and make the most out of it.

Here are some funky tips to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible!

  • Home-grown Food

  • Creating a green space in the middle of a city isn’t easy – but it’s worth it.
  • So why not test out your green thumb and grow your own food?
  • Begin with the simple task of deciding what you want to grow with the help of a wide range of IKEA gardening products.
  • Some easy options are herbs, salad leaves, radishes and potatoes.
  • This is a great way to get children interested and encourage sustainable living- you can start getting them to tend to potted plants by watering
  • Balcony Living

  • A true lover of the outdoors will find no space too small to enjoy.
  • Your balcony can become a home to your very own flower show.
  • Choose from our plethora of display and storage products for your tools, fertilisers, flower pots, and plants.
  • Pick sizes depending on what you’re growing and how much soil the plant needs.
  • Experiment with various ways of arranging your plants to replicate an English garden right in your balcony.
  • Outdoor Kitchen

  • Turn a mealtime into an outdoor adventure!
  • A gazebo with garden furniture can serve as a sheltered space where everyone can eat comfortably at gatherings.
  • Set up a designated kitchen area in your garden by investing in a grill.
  • And why not grow some herbs nearby too? That way you can snip them off and use them fresh while you’re cooking.
  • Fun Tip: At a barbecue, stack plates and cutlery in the middle of a table and make it a self-serve event.
  • Ultimate Relaxation

  • Turn your balcony into a social space where you can relax when the weather is perfect or for when you have friends and family over.
  • All you need are outdoor chairs or a couple of hammocks in addition to some beanbags, a table to keep your food/drinks or other items on and a whole lot of greenery!
  • Accessorise with some beach-themed or brightly coloured textiles and hang layers of outdoor lights with warm tones to turn your balcony into your own private tropical island.

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