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Every home owner dreams of having a lush green garden and so many of us try so often to getting potted plants to thrive. However, not all of us are born with green thumbs and if you’re one of those frustrated plant parents, the folks at IKEA have just the solution for you!

Did you know that there are several varieties of low-maintenance plants that can flourish in just the warm, humid environment of your bathroom? Here are four such plants you could grow, to feel like the accomplished plant mama you’ve always wanted to be:

1. Aloe Vera

  • A non-fussy succulent that thrives with a bit of indirect sunlight, aloe vera is the perfect bathroom plant.
  • Not only is it super pretty, it’s also really useful to have around to incorporate in your skin or hair routine, or even to soothe a cut or burn.

2. Peace Lilies

  • Peace lilies are lush, elegant flowering plants that prosper in humid conditions.
  • The soil in their pots should remain damp, so a bathroom is the ideal place for it when you remember it needs a quick mug of water.
  • The leaves of the peace lily also have air purifying properties, making this one of those plant babies that loves you back.

3. Lucky Bamboo

  • True to its name, this beautiful plant is sure to bring luck to even the most brown-thumbed among us.
  • It thrives in just about any amount of light and doesn’t even need soil to grow!
  • Just stick it in a vase of water and watch it grow to dramatic heights in what will surely become your favorite bathroom corner.

4. Orchids

  • These utterly gorgeous flowers are often mistakenly labeled as temperamental, and most people avoid buying them altogether.
  • But little do people know that the only thing these tropical babies need to really flourish is the humid environment of your bathroom, especially if you like taking long hot showers.
  • Add to that some filtered light through your bathroom window and you will have fantastic blooms that you can proudly show off.

And if all else fails, you can always use excellent, life-like artificial plants with permanently pretty blooms, like the ones from IKEA. Or get some cute, wall-mounted artificial plants and have a whole wall of greenery! With these options, there’s hope for us yet.

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