4 Tips to Create the Perfect Home Office

In the current situation, working from home has become almost a necessity. The truth is, though, it can be quite difficult to separate the personal from the professional. That’s why IKEA experts recommend creating a specific work area in your house that you use only for work – your home office.

It’s not complicated: in fact, you only need to take care of four important points.


  • The first and most important task is identifying the room or spot that can function as your workspace.
  • Invest some time and thought in deciding which place works best for you. If you need to conduct online meetings frequently, choose a place where the household/television noises will not create a disturbance.
  • It’s a good idea to locate your desk to take advantage of good natural daylight; studies have found that natural light makes for more efficiency.


  • At this point, you need to choose furniture that suits your personal preferences and professional needs.
  • A sturdy desk is absolutely essential. Thankfully, IKEA has dozens of options you can check out. You also need to pair that with a comfortable chair.
  • You will also need good ambient light, so it’s a good idea to invest in a pendant lamp or a desk lamp to light up your evening work hours.


  • For long, efficient working hours, it is important to follow the rules of ergonomics. Make sure that your work desk, chair and the total setup makes for a comfortable workspace.
  • If you are keen on fitness, consider a standing desk or extender – after all, many doctors and researchers believe that standing at your workspace is good for your health.
  • If opting for a conventional desk, do not hesitate to spend on a comfortable office chair with adjustable height and back as you will be spending a lot of time on it.


  • It is very important to organise your workspace to maximise efficiency. If you need to be able to look at all of your projects at a glance, consider a pinboard or memo board. If you’re the kind that likes to take notes on paper, you can also invest in some desk stationery that works for you.
  • If your work involves a lot of documentation, get an organiser or even a magazine rack that can double as a storage for your folders.

Last but not least, try to add a touch of nature to your workspace; plants make people happier as do personal pictures. And that’s it-you’re now ready to work from home like a boss!

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