Match Paint & Furniture

4 Tips to Mix & Match Your Paint and Your Furniture

Moving to a new house is a never-ending process of searching for what may reveal your personality, from furniture to home decor and ornaments. Taking pictures and filling your phone gallery to dive into every detail later on will be as normal as it can be. But what if you choose a colorful couch with plain colors cushions, and when all set up, you notice something is missing? Well, don’t estimate the power of a wall, standing tall at the back, all painted up with bright colors, radiating positivity.

Now, are you asking yourself how to choose the propriate colors to let all the setup match? Our designers have paved the way with 4 tips to guide you through this memorable trip.

1- A Customized Color Palette

Your home reflects who you are. Every piece chosen is a trait of your character. So, a bold personality requires colorful, edgy scheme. Don’t hesitate in combining a yellow cushion cover to your favorite red sofa placed in front of your white TV unit. Warm colors evoke emotions and seem to be more active. Let’s render your living room more vibrant and vivid.

2- Cool Things Down

Cool colors are shades of green, blue, and purple. They represent water and nature. After a hectic day, going home knowing you will find peace just by sitting on your corner sofa contemplating your wall painting, is everything you need to stay sane. Try adding a plain color curtain that matches your beige low pile rug. Such elements provide more serenity and coziness, too.

3- Mixing Up

When you mix all the colors together, you are letting the space loose its identity, yet gaining a balance. Your house your rules, right? a grey 3 seats sofa decorated with multicolored cushions, and next to it an orange armchair elevated with a red throw, will create an exceptionally colorful room. This way you don’t have a singular hue standing out, but a rich palette to enjoy.

4- Keeping It Simple

Maintaining a simple life is a norm, some love to follow. Their eyes catch what truly is lucid, yet meaningful to them. It’s a lifestyle! Therefore, picking one color or two to furnish a living room is easily done. A beige 4 seats sofa, a coffee table in the middle and a high back armchair on the side are enough for them to fill the space. At the end, it’s a matter of taste. However, a living room may contain some additional pieces to decorate and to include a personal touch. Make it simple, but significant, they said!

Home is the last place you visit at the end of the day, yet the living room nowadays has become the most important room, due to its multiple functionalities transforming it to your own office, gym, or class. On that account, you have the total freedom to throw all your creativity and visions in this customized room of your own. Take a deep breath and start decorating your own way. Enjoy the ride!

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