4 ways to keep food fresh for healthy food

4 Ways to Keep Food Fresh for Healthy Food

Nothing can be healthier than eating fresh home-cooked food every day. Although, sometimes our fast-paced lives make us lose track of the freshness of the ingredients. However, there are some great solutions for that. Here are 4 ways to keep food fresh for healthy and wholesome food for your family.

Buy as per requirement: We have a habit of overstocking the fridge and buying a whole lot of stuff when we visit the supermarket. However, it is best to avoid that. Buy stuff as per your requirement. And use those items first that get spoilt fast, like broccoli, bananas, cherries, corn, mushrooms, etc. Remember, it is ok to visit the supermarket every now and then rather than throwing away unused spoilt items. There is no harm in heading to the store and restocking every time your favourite stuff at home gets over.

Storage for raw veggies and fruits:

  • Store herbs like you would store a bouquet of flowers. Keep them in a glass filled with water and cover the top with a plastic bag to keep in the moisture.
  • Keep onions, potatoes and garlic outside in a cool and dark place. Furthermore, keep one apple in the potato container. It will keep the potatoes from sprouting.
  • Try to not keep the fruits and veggies together in the fridge. Some fruits release ethylene gas that can cause the vegetables to spoil faster.
  • Store tomatoes at room temperature to maintain their colour and juiciness.
  • Wash berries with vinegar water (1-part vinegar and 10-parts water) to keep them fresh for a longer duration.

Cooked food: Store cooked food in clear containers with labels, so you know when you cooked it. Also, don’t heat cooked food again and again. It will spoil it. Furthermore, keep your fridge organized with cooked items on one shelf and raw items on another. This is particularly the case of meat. It is best to store meat on the last shelf so that it won’t drip on other food items in the fridge. And double wrap it so that it won’t contaminate other food items. Beef and pork last a day or two in the fridge and about three-four months in the freezer. So, store them accordingly.

Cleanliness: Maintain an overall cleanliness in your kitchen. Clean the drawers regularly. Clean the refrigerator from time to time to prevent mold or microbes from growing inside. Also, do not over-stock it. To keep all your items cool inside, air needs to circulate properly.

To keep food fresh, all you need is proper storage and a little planning. So, follow the tips mentioned above and give your loved ones fresh, healthy and nutritious food every single day!

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