Black has been building up its momentum in the design world the past few years. There is something about a moody palette that just makes a bold statement, say experts at IKEA.

So, while we love a softer color palette, black in your cooking space introduces a whole new level of sleek modernity, obscuring those kitchen spills, and bringing in an element that is timeless.

Here are some basic tips on incorporating ebon hues into your kitchen space.

  1. Go for a black countertop:

    Bring in that ‘wow’ factor by adding in a black countertop or kitchen island of obsidian, jet black or ebony into the interior of your kitchen.

    The dark focal point will make the room a sleek and modern place, so make sure you know exactly where you want it to go (preferably right at the center) and just how big you want the island to be so it doesn’t overwhelm the room.

  2. Matte or lacquered?

    Think of cabinets and lights hanging from the ceiling: would you prefer a lacquered, glossy surface which adds a bit of shine, or do you want a matte finish on wood or cabinetry, giving a softer, textural element to your kitchen?

    It’s up to you to choose! We think both look equally amazing and snappy – and what’s more, it becomes even more perfect if you blend matte and glossy together! Think matte black cabinets with a glossy tile backsplash – definitely a win-win, think the folk at IKEA.

  3. Two-tone trends:

    Maybe an entire space in one color is too much for you. If it’s all white it might be too stark, while all black may be too gloomy, so why not make it two tones?

    A base of black wooden cabinets against white walls, coupled with a naturally warm countertop makes for a balanced space. Matte black goes hand in hand with brown as well, so you can spice things up by adding some leather chairs to the kitchen island if you’ve got the space, or incorporating brown accents in other ways.

  4. Black and a rainbow:

    Like a kitchen out of a movie, if you’re going for something fun and brave, black cabinetry with red or yellow contrasts go almost too perfect together. This way, you can create a kitchen you would want to take a bite out of.

    The neutral black will warm right up with bright colours, creating a cozy yet vibrant kitchen. The fun part about using black is that it works with almost any bright colours, including shades such as orange, lime and magenta.

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