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Pumpkins, ghosts and costumes galore! Halloween is a spooky celebration that brings together young and old alike.

If you’re someone who’s excited about the season but find the fake blood and spider webs to be a bit too much, here are some classy decor ideas you can easily incorporate at home.

  1. All things tiny
  • One way to keep things chic is to keep all your decor miniature-sized.
  • Think tiny pumpkins, little ghosts, pocket-sized vampire bats or itsy-bitsy crochet spider webs.
  • Downsizing the decor adds a certain charm to the spookiness.
  1. All things white
  • This Halloween, try decorating with a single-coloured theme.
  • Paint your pumpkins white, hang up white ghosts or white bats, and use white candles in beautiful white lanterns, like the ones IKEA offers.
  • To add an instant touch of elegance to your festivities, keep things monochromatic.
  1. All things geometrical
  • Keeping to a colour scheme is normal, try a shape-scheme for a change and do all your decor in geometrical patterns.
  • So, instead of carving faces on your pumpkin, carve little geometric patterns on it. You can also enjoy your mysterious Halloween drinks in geometric jugs or light up your staircases with candles in beautiful geometric tealight holders that are available at IKEA.
  • The possibilities are endless.
  1. All things nature
  • Keep things simple and elegant by making your decor completely natural.
  • Fill your home with a burst of autumnal blossoms, decorate your front door with an exquisite wreath of twigs, and accentuate your crockery with pretty autumn foliage on the dining table.
  • The lack of anything conventionally “spooky” can work brilliantly to your advantage.
  1. All things bling
  • Rhinestone encrusted skulls, golden pumpkins, beaded spider webs – jazz up your usual Halloween decor by introducing an element of bling.
  • An interesting idea is to take a simple LED candle and cover it in black or silver glitter.
  • With this quirky, shiny twist, you’ll end up with a unique and fabulous looking home!

One last tip!

While decorating, it’s important to remember that consistency is key – pick one colour or shape or theme you think works best for your home, and stick to it in every room you choose to decorate.

Soon, you’ll be displaying an effortlessly enigmatic and stylised home, while giving others your own tips on how to perfectly blend the classy and the quirky.

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