5 Essentials For Your Iftar Table

5 Essentials For Your Iftar Table

The holy month of Ramadan is here and most probably you will be involved in gatherings with family and friends who will be waiting for Iftar to eat and enjoy the most special part of each day during this month.
If you are receiving many guests or having an intimate iftar with your close ones, there are some fundamentals that should not be missed on your table. Check out these Iftar table essentials and make your evenings even more unique.

Oven serving dish

This is one of the most useful elements you can have for your daily life, and especially for Ramadan. Preparing your favorite recipes using oven-to-table dishes will not only save you time but keep the food warm and delicious. They are a great option for their versatility, as they can be used not only in ovens but also in microwaves, and most of the time they are dishwasher-friendly!


The staple of every Ramadan iftar is a nice cup of tea afterwards that is enjoyed by all. From green and ginger to mint tea, they’ll all give you that warm and delicious taste you’re looking for.
There are plenty of tea options, and they all have something in common, and that is their deliciousness. Make sure you have enough teapots, especially if you are receiving a large number of guests, so you can offer a different variety of flavors.
You can opt for traditional porcelain teapots or use modern designs with infusers. Keep in mind that using eye-catching patterns and colours is an excellent way to add style and statement to your Iftar table.

Place mats and coasters

Nothing satisfies more than having useful and decorative elements at the same time, and that is exactly the role of place mats and coasters. They bring personality and elegance to your table, but at the same time protect the dinner table from water marks, food stains, or heat damage, especially during Ramadan, when people are gathered eating and drinking and there’s a variety of dishes on the table.
There are different materials, shapes, and designs that will help you decorate your table during this special season, and you can match them with your dinnerware to create an amazing homey atmosphere.

Side plates

Side plates, are useful for any occasion, but especially during Ramadan, it is important to consider them when setting up our dinner table. During Iftar, people are used to switching to different dishes, and you might need more space than a simple main plate.
They can be used for everything. From serving salads or desserts to placing napkins hygienically, side plates are a must during dinner.

Serving Bowl

The versatility of serving bowls is essential for your Iftar table. They will bail you out when serving different types of food, such as salads, stews, or soups. You can opt to bring different sizes and use them according to your needs, and even store the food for after dinner.
Having one large serving bowl and two or three smaller ones will help you distribute your food efficiently during Iftar, and will also fit in perfectly with any kind of gathering you plan to have at home.

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