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Fall is the perfect season for getting comfortable outside while temperatures take a slight dip. Here are a few ways in which you can incorporate autumnal colours into your home and bring the season indoors, say experts at IKEA.

Best of all, you can do this by adding little elements so you won’t have to go overboard with the shopping or spend a lot!

1. Cozy patio

Bring your patio to life, not just for autumn but in the spirit of Halloween as well. Decorate your couches and chairs with pillows in fall colours and scatter ornamental pumpkins around them.

Complete the set with a big fire pit or table in the middle. If fire pits aren’t your style, large candles will do the trick! And if your patio has a table, fall themed linens are your best friend! 

2. Porch makeover

Take advantage of colourful leaves and create a natural scenery right outside your door. You can have a display using fall leaves bunched around a basket, or use mini pumpkins in beautiful lanterns, like the kind IKEA makes. The options are countless! Hang an autumnal wreath on your front door, bringing a little flair to your porch.

3. Go neutral

Even if you’re not a fan of bright autumn colours, that’s no excuse to not decorate! Whites and grays make for a pretty great combination.

Have you seen a white pumpkin? Well, it is time to make one now! You can use neutral elements on your porch or patio, switching up summery colours and creating a timeless, elegant look.

4. Fall garden

Autumn leaves are rare in some parts of the world, so don’t hesitate to invest in some fake ones that you can use to recreate a natural garden display, complete with pumpkins and LED lights.

If you are going for the real thing, consider dedicating one side of your garden to planting them. And remember, there is an order to it: tall plants at the back, mid-sized ones in the middle and low-growing ones at the edge. Symmetry is key!

5. Window box

Pumpkins, plants, and other decorations – spruce up your outdoor planters this fall by turning them into window boxes that catch the eye and attract admiration.

Layering your plants can result in the most attractive combinations of cabbages, kale, ornamental peppers and so much more.

Summer is finally over so get ready to head outdoors!

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