As we enter a fresh decade, there’s a sense of anticipation, and undoubtedly nervousness too, as we all wonder about what’s in store.

But if there’s one thing that is predictable, it’s design trends. That’s why we’ve rounded up five major trends that IKEA experts predict will be the anthem of 2020 homes.

So, here’s what the tea-leaves show us:

Warm Minimalism

This includes aspects like bringing the outdoors in, using clean, warm, designs, incorporating Scandinavian furniture, and using organic shapes and natural tones.

It already trended last year, but we believe it will continue to set the tone for how a home is decorated this year.

Experts believe that the home will become even more of a ‘sanctuary’ in people’s imaginations, and the way they choose to furnish it will evidently reflect their return to tradition.

Neutral Colours

This year will see a move away from the bright and bold colours that dominated the past decade. Colours like off-white, beige, ochre and gray will come to the fore, continuing the theme of reconnecting to nature and focusing on authenticity.

Additionally, these colours pair very well with what’s rumoured to be the colour of the year: neomint.

Japanese Influences

The purity and simplicity of the Japanese influence is predicted to be a huge trend this year. Delicate floral patterns, natural materials like rattan and cane, angular furniture and patterns that allude to origami folds will all rule.

The natural materials that are a crucial component of this trend are expected to make their mark on furnishing and lighting too.

Geometry, Anyone?

This is perfect for those of us who have edgier tastes and cannot abide by all the natural, earthy tones that are dominating the décor scene.

Get ready for an updated look on geometric patterns in interior design. Think textiles with circle and stripe motifs, clean-cut lines, sophisticated interiors with pastel hues…

There’s plenty to pick from brands like IKEA if you’re looking for a more modern approach.

Antique Treasures

Vintage or classic pieces look amazing and are also a way to keep your interiors sustainable.

The rising popularity of antique furniture and décor point both to the consumer’s increased awareness of their impact on the environment and also reiterate the need for traditional values that seems to be the call of our times.

It’s also worth noting that these pieces will only gain value over time, so consider it an investment and visit the closest antique store the next time you feel like you need a new piece of furniture.

What do you think about these interior décor trends for 2020? If you already know what you love, there’s no better time than now to start looking!

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