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5 Ideas for Your Child’s Lunch Bag

Now that your kids are going back to school, it is important for you to design a lunch bag that is going to be convenient for your child. We know that it can be quite difficult for you parents to decide what to give your child for lunch every, but do not worry! After you read our ideas on how to create your child’s lunch bag, there is no doubt that your child will start enjoying his lunch & snacks!

First & Foremost, Use A Lunch Box:

When preparing your child’s lunch for school, it is important to store them in a proper container so that the food remains fresh and organized. That is why we recommend you use a lunchbox with inserts so that you can separate your child’s main course from his snacks.
However, if you notice that not all the he food you prepared fits the lunch box, you can use a resealable bag resealable bag that helps keep the food fresh for longer. It even tightly seals liquids preventing them from leaking! We know that you would not want to risk it!
Now you can be assured that your kids’ lunch experience is all set!

Make Sure Your Child Stays Hydrated

Never forget to include a water bottle in your child’s lunch bag. We all know that children can be super energetic at school and they therefore require a lot of water to last them to the whole day! With a durable bottle by your child’s side, thirst will never be a problem!
Tip: Make sure the water bottle has a lid strap to make it easy to carry.

Make Lunch Fun

We know this requires some effort but preparing your child a different lunch every day will is important for both his mood and nutritional needs. For instance, you can cut up the fruits in different shapes, like stars or hearts, to encourage your child to eat healthy snacks! You can even create a smiley face sandwich with cheese and cucumber. Also, you can add sticky notes to the lunch box with short, personalized letters. Trust us, your child will not be disappointed, and what is better than seeing a smile on your child’s face after all!

Vary the Food

It is always important to make sure your child receives all the nutrients during his lunch time. It can be difficult sometimes to choose the right choice of food for your child, however we suggest to always include fruits and vegetables as they never disappoint. You can use different sandwich fillings during the week so that your child does not get bored of eating the same sandwich every day.

Prepare the Night Before

It can be quite a hassle in the morning, especially if you have more than one child. We can only imagine the scene! Preparing breakfast, packing lunch boxes, dressing your children… Spare yourself the morning struggle and prepare the lunches a night before and store them in the fridge or freezer. That way, all you must do the next morning is place the food in your child’s lunch bag! Easy isn’t it?
Now you have 5 different ideas to create the best lunch box for your child! Nothing is better than seeing your child enjoy his time at school!

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