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It is the little details that can completely transform a room from boring and dull, to lively and spirited. And if you must ask how, wall décor is the answer. Wall décor plays an essential role in redesigning any room! All you need is a little inspiration. That is why we have gathered five simple, yet effective ideas that will help you upgrade your room.

1. Add a Mirror

Mirrors add style and uniqueness to a room. A statement mirror, whether it be square mirror, or a combination of mirrors are a wonderful way to transform your interior without having to go too far. Not only that, but they help make a small room look bigger than what it is. Also, the good thing with mirrors is that they are not standard. They can come in different styles and shapes giving you the chance to pick one that suits your space.

2. The Wall of Frame.

Turn your wall into a picture gallery, and you can guarantee that you will your home will never feel empty again. Picture frames are the easiest way to decorate your room without putting too much effort. Simply choose some pictures you love and pick a frame that will fit well with the pictures you chose. It can be one frame, or a collage frame – you decide! And if you do not feel like hanging your own photos, our range of pictures with frames are a great alternative. You can choose the artwork that best describes your style and simply hang it on any wall.

3. Bookshelves

No more place to store your books. Take your library to the wall. Add different shelf levels on the wall and create a bookshelf to display your books along with other decorative pieces. You can decide to go for a simple wall shelf, or a shelving unit that goes against the wall to serve your space needs!

4. Artificial Plants

Real plants need constant care and can attract insects. Spare yourself the time and effort and invest in artificial plants (no one will tell the difference anyways). They can be moved easily and can be put anywhere. You can simply hang artificial plants or add artificial potted plants to a shelf and call it a day! This will instantly add a fresh and vibrant feel to your home. Afterall, greenery is an amazing mood booster!

5. Add a memo board

Memo boards are multi-functional and can be added to an office, a kitchen, a bedroom, or even a sitting room. Giving a modern vibe, they can be used to keep track of notes that are important and to display books and store magazines. This fun and smart idea will give an edge to your space and will make you wall a whole lot less boring!

As you can tell, it is not that hard to redecorate a room in a simple and affordable way. The littlest of things can create a huge impact and can renew the whole mood of a room. Like we said, all you need is a little inspiration, and as always, we got you!

Happy Redecorating!

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