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5 low-budget bathroom wall décor ideas

Sometimes, we’re so busy decorating our living room and bedrooms that we forget one other important space that needs equal attention: the bathroom. Many times, this is the last area we focus on, but it needn’t always be so.

If you want to dress up your bathroom, here are five cool ideas from IKEA experts – they’re budget-friendly yet stylish and easy to implement.

Wall decals

Wall decals are an easy and really nice way to dress up your walls. If your bathroom is fully done up in one colour, consider adding a pop of colour or create a coloured theme with wall decals.

For a more sophisticated touch, reflect the same colour in another element in the room.

Ladder shelf

Do up empty wall space by placing a shelving unit in front of the wall. This is a great idea to store your bathroom essentials effectively and without clutter.

It’s also a beautiful solution if you want to place a vase of flowers or a small plant to bring in a touch of nature.

You could also dress up this space by showcasing your colourful collection of bath towels, doubling up storage with a display.

DIY craft

If you are a big fan of DIY ideas, why not exhibit your own artwork on your bathroom walls? On a plain stretched canvas, daub a few strokes in a palette of soothing colours.

You can either opt for a random style or a contemporary design. Put them up either as a single piece or create your own pattern with many.

Green touch

This is a firm favourite for many people. You can choose to go with easy-to-maintain plants such as spider plants, bamboo, and Boston ferns. Place them in a plant stand to utilise a corner or an empty wall.

You can also add creepers, ferns, and shrubs in plant holderspick one from IKEA’s vast collection – and suspend the holders from the ceiling. Attach them to the walls or even stand them on the floor, if you prefer.

Spa touches

Put up a few floating shelves on an empty wall and fill them up with clear decorative glass jars and use them to store your favourite bathing salts. Not only will this create a spa-like ambience, it will also act as a reminder for you to pamper yourself.

And there you go! With these simple tips, your bathroom is all ready to bask in its fresh, new look – and none of these will break the bank!

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