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5 Tiny Tweaks that Turn a House into a Home

Moving into a new house and making it your own may seem like a daunting task. But with a few tiny tweaks, you can create a lovely abode that you look forward to going to every evening. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day! So, take it slowly and keep making minor changes till you can call this house your very own home.

Here are five tiny tweaks we thought of that can help you in this conversion process.

Personalize: Add your personal touch to different areas in the house and make them your own. You could add photo frames, posters, souvenirs from your travels, candles, etc. You could also add colourful cushions in the living area or your bedroom to add a bit of drama. You can bring life to a plain wall by making it a picture wall. These little additions are inexpensive and go a long way in personalizing your home.

Paint: You don’t have to paint the whole house in the beginning. You can start by painting an accent wall with the colour of your choice to give it your personal touch. This will give you an idea whether you want to paint the whole house or leave it as it is.

Lighting: Lighting can make or break a room. Just one ceiling light is not enough. A combination of lamps, pendant lights, candles and fairy lights will bring in warmth and illuminate the real beauty of your home. You can also accentuate the areas of your choice with lighting like a cozy nook to make it your reading corner where you can curl up with your new book and a cup of coffee.

Furniture: If your house already has furniture, move it around and rearrange it the way you like it. You can also add or deduct a few things as per your taste. If you must buy all the furniture, look for primary items and then build around them. Multipurpose furniture that works as storage units too is also a great option.

Custom Cabinets: Customize the cabinets in your kitchen and make it feel more homely. A kitchen is a place where the whole family spends some time of the day. So, personalize it with custom cabinets that look cute and make you not want to leave the kitchen ever. You can choose from the EDSERUM and BODBYN series if you like a classic finish or go for the HERRESTAD OR JÄRSTA SERIES if you have a quirky taste.

Apart from these tiny tweaks, you can convert your house into a home with lots of love, laughter and some great memories that you will build over the years in this very space that you will soon like to call home!

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