5 Unique beds you will find in a bedroom

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep that leaves you refreshed and rejuvenated for a terrific day ahead. Everyone needs a comfortable bed to snooze in, but did you know that there are beds that do more than just take care of your sleep? Here are five unique beds that you might consider for your bedrooms –

Ottoman Bed – This looks like a regular bed but the base opens up to reveal a generously sized storage compartment inside. Extra pillows, blankets and out of season clothes can be stored here for a clutter-free bedroom.

Bunk Bed – Bunk beds consist of a basic wooden or metal frame fitted with a twin-over-twin bed. The upper bed can be reached using a built-in ladder. These are best suited to use space efficiently when two people are sharing a room. Bunk beds are fun for children and can clear up the floor for other needs.

Loft Bed – Loft beds provide a neat and functional sleep cum study and/or storage solution. The bed is set high on an elevated base, leaving the space below free for a work-area – a desk with shelves, cabinets and drawers. Loft beds can convert a narrow room into a cozy, yet practical living space.

Day Bed – Pile on lots of cushions and a day bed will serve as a comfortable sofa for day time use. There are many types of day beds, including some that pull-out into a double bed for sleeping two. Day beds often include drawers for storage underneath, making them a useful item to have in the guest, kids’ or even the living room.

Under-bed – If you often have friends staying overnight or guests dropping by regularly, an under-bed is a truly ingenious idea. This is a low bed that you can stow out of sight under a regular bed and pull out when required.

Your bed does not have to be single-purpose piece of furniture that clogs up space in the bedroom. The unique beds listed above are truly smart investments since they offer flexibility and multiple benefits around the home.

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