Have you ever walked into a NYE party and thought to yourself “This is so overdone!”? With the innumerable gatherings we will walk in and out of this holiday season, it’s no surprise that they can all blur into one seemingly uniform event.

So, if you’re throwing a New Year’s bash of your own, make sure your party isn’t just another face in the crowd. The littlest of touches, with minimal effort in most cases, can turn your party into a memorable one and make it stand out from the rest!

Here are a few inventive ways, thanks to the creatives at IKEA, that can help you make a difference to your NYE party this year:

1. Photo Wall

  • Skip the overdone photo booth with props and turn a wall in your venue into a spectacular backdrop for picture-taking instead.
  • Use holographic balloons, paper flowers and leaves or play around with lights – you will have an eye-catching spot at your event that everyone will vie to snap a picture with!

2. Drinks Station

  • Instead of having all the beverages being served only at the bar, set up a Drinks Station, complete with fizzy beverages, your choice of fruit, and ice.
  • It’s kind of the whole point of NYE anyway, so your guests will surely love this thoughtful little addition to your party.

3. Bohemian Rhapsody

  • Do this for the most Instagrammable NYE party in town.
  • We’re thinking only floor seating, tons of feathery décor, touches of gold, accents in bright beautiful colours, throw pillows and pouffes
  • Give the usually glitzy NYE party a cosy touch by choosing to do it in a boho-glam theme.

4. Miniature Food

  • Let’s be honest, nobody wants to sit down to a hearty meal at a New Year’s party.
  • But that doesn’t mean you have to resort to chips and dip and pizza for the menu either.
  • Make bite-sized steak cubes, mini shrimp cocktails, tiny squares of lasagna – come up with a main course menu as elaborate as you like, then turn all the items into plates of miniature snack-sized bites.

5. Smudge Stick Favours

  • Make smudge sticks with varying uses and hand them out to your guests as take away presents.
  • After all, New Year’s is all about starting over, choosing good vibes and hoping for good health in the months to come.
  • So, give your guests a headstart on cleansing their spaces with this thoughtful, sweet favour.

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