The Middle East has captivated the world with its mystery and charm for centuries upon centuries. There’s something exotic about this region that incorporating its elements into interior design is catching on in a big way.

Modern design trends combine Islamic, Moroccan and Mediterranean influences brilliantly to create stunning visual spaces. You too can recreate at home by following these four simple rules that we’ve shortlisted from the IKEA experts:

1. Add Geometric Patterns

  • One of the most distinguishable features of Middle Eastern design is geometry. From building designs to prints and patterns on tapestries, rugs and walls, geometry permeates every aspect.
  • Pick out an exciting rug or invest in some Moroccan-inspired tiles to turn any space into an instantly dreamy corner!
  • You could also pick custom wallpaper, prints or even do a hand-printed design for a garden wall or the backsplash of your kitchen to add some Arabesque charm. This lets you create a stunningly unique piece of art, while also maintaining the charm of hand-worked luxury that defines Middle Eastern design.

2. Use Bold Colours

  • Using a warm, earthy colour as the base, pile bold colours on as accents to create a truly opulent feel.
  • The use of rich, bold hues – particularly in Arabesque patterns – is essential while trying to achieve a Middle Eastern look.
  • A simple way to do this is to have an accent wall – use textured paint or wallpaper to highlight one wall in your chosen room, adding an interesting and unforgettable touch.

3. Decorate with Rich Textiles

  • What could be more reminiscent of a sultry Arabian night than vast expanses of billowing fabric?
  • Embroidered cushion covers, textured sofa fabrics, tapestries and bold curtains can all Middle Eastern charm to any space. IKEA has a wide range you can check out and choose from.

4. Embellish with Décor Elements

  • Lanterns, chandeliers, or carved wooden furniture with calligraphic or swirling patterns immediately bring the Middle East to mind.
  • Adding window treatments with cascades, vibrant rugs or glowing lampshades to a room will dramatically change its ambience for the better.

5. Don’t Forget the Fifth Wall

  • And now we come to the most overlooked aspect of every room – the fifth wall, aka the floor! Area rugs are a great Middle Eastern way to completely transform a space.
  • Even if all you want is a small rug under your coffee table, pick something ornate and oriental to add some zing.
  • You could also pick a statement floor lamp with an exotic shade as an interesting décor element.

With these simple touches, you’re all set to add some Middle Eastern flavour into your living space. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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