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5 Ways to Mix and Match Dining Room Chairs

There are different approaches when it comes to designing your dining room space. You may opt for a complete matching set, or you may choose to mix and match your dining room chairs to create the style you want. There is no one rule that applies here. Frankly, it is up to you and your preference. So, the famous question: To match or not to match? This is where you must continue reading…

1. Same Shape, Different Colors

Do not be afraid of mixing the colors and adding some contrast to your dining space. One of the easiest ways to mix and match your dining room chairs is by choosing one shape and varying the colors. This will automatically make your dining room very eye-catchy and vibrant. For example, the earth tone colors brown, green, orange, and beige match well when combined. Also, you can integrate a multicolor upholstered chair with the other neutral colored dining chairs.

2. Same Color, Different Shape

If you prefer having the same color for all your dining chairs, you may want to consider having chairs of a different shape. For instance, you can have some chairs that have four legs, while also including flexible dining chair or Panton chairs. That way, you will be alternating with the shapes while keeping the color consistent.

3. Pair Light Chairs with “Heavier” Ones

In order to balance your dining room, we recommend you go with two different kinds of chairs that give different illusions. That is, pairing light and airy chairs with heavier looking ones. An armless Windsor chair can be combined with a chair with long cover. They will balance each other out.

4. Use A Bench

Why not move away from the cliché chair and use a bench instead. One side of your dining table can include chairs, while the other side can surprise you with a bench. This method is such an easy and simple way to add variation without much overthinking!

5. Soft Neutrals

Here, you have subtle colors, light greys, varied wooden tones. What we love about neutrals is that they never go out of style, and their aesthetic is irreplaceable! You can seamlessly fit different styles without feeling as if it is “too” much. Simply mix your dining chairs between wooden chairs and beige chairs. That would be a safe, yet awesome combination.

There you have it! 5 simple ways to move out of the box and create a new dining room look with minimal effort. Afterall, all you needed was the right tips and guidance!

Happy decorating!

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