6 Best Ways to Make A Small Room Feel Larger


Living in small spaces has become popular over the last couple of years as maintenance is easy in our fast-paced lives.

Whatever your reasons, there are plenty of ways to create more visual space in your home. According to IKEA experts, this is one way to make any room look bigger and airier, so you can appreciate it to its full potential!

Here are 6 easy tips:

  1. Low furniture
  • Big, chunky furniture takes up a lot of visual space and make small rooms appear cramped.
  • Invest in furniture pieces that are low to the ground instead.
  • Added bonus: these will inevitably make your ceilings appear taller!
  1. Mirrors
  • A super easy and inexpensive way to make the rooms in your home appear bigger is with mirrors! Check out IKEA’s superb collection online and make your pick.
  • A great mirror will function just like windows do, making the room appear lighter, bigger and more open.
  • It’s also great to keep in mind that the bigger the mirror, the more your room will appear to expand.
  1. Window-facing couch
  • If the centrepiece of your living room is facing the wall, you and your loved ones are bound to feel a bit claustrophobic staring at the wall.
  • Combat this by facing the couch towards a window
  • If you are short on windows, position it so that it is facing a mirror on the opposite wall.
  1. High curtain rods 
  • Yet another super easy trick: instead of placing your curtain rods directly above the windows or doors, place them closer to the ceiling.
  • Not only does this give the space a bit more elegance, it will also make the ceilings appear higher, which is essential in making the room appear bigger.
  • Make sure to invest in light and flowy curtains so that they don’t look too weighed down and heavy!
  1. Invisible shelves
  • This element will create an overall effect on the look and feel of your room.
  • Invisible shelves will maximise your storage and, with this aesthetically pleasing option, you cut out clutter from the visuals too.
  1. Lots of light
  • Adding light to your home is essential – really, you can never really have enough light!
  • The play of light will make the room appear brighter, so pick some nice lights and you’re good to go.

Even if you get a lot of sunshine, a little pendant light or even a chandelier will work wonders.

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