If you have a small kitchen, we know how hard it must be to get things done with a limited amount of space.

Here are some hacks from IKEA that we think might be super useful to you and your tiny, but essential kitchen. Get better organised this new year and cook up a storm!

  1. Filter by Frequency

    The best way to avoid a mad search for things is to stack and store based on the frequency of usage.

    Keep the things that you use the most within close reach and put things you don’t use often into storage.

  2. Optimise with Organisers

    Organisers should always work with drawers or cabinets, not against them. Get organisers for cutlery and small things that might otherwise get scattered in a drawer.

    Also, kitchen wrap organisers come in the form of stands and are great for stacking your storage wraps and bags in one place.

  3. Bare Necessities

    Spaces on the sides of your cupboards are usually forgotten. We at IKEA believe these exposed sides are great for hanging heavy or chunky items that can be annoying to store away.

    You can even get a corkboard and hang up all your baking utensils, such as measuring cups and spoons, instead of cramming everything into a drawer.

  4. Sideways Solutions

    Pots and pans take up most of the space inside cupboards and are always a loud mess when you need to get the one you want. To avoid this, get a rack that allows you to store them sideways inside cupboards. This way, you can store more of them and they are easily accessible.

  5. Bountiful Baskets

    Bins and baskets that are easy to grab will be your best friends. They hold a lot of things and help you organise by category.

    You can store these atop cupboards or inside cabinets – especially if they are deep cabinets. Bins and baskets are especially great for storing away bottles and things that you will only need for special occasions.

  6. Magic Multiplication

    Here’s a top IKEA tip: Using wire shelf risers inside your shelves increases vertical storage space. This way, you can easily multiply the space you have, making one shelf into two or more!

    You also have the dual advantage of being able to store away more stuff and keep them on display as well.

    This way, you no longer need to compromise your love of fancy mugs and other dishes! You can have it all and store it perfectly too.

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