Creative and Fun DIY Party Ideas


You might be the type of person who decorates every single corner of your home for a party or the type that does the bare minimum. Either way, a centrepiece, according to IKEA, is a wonderful way to make a statement without having to spend too much time and money on décor.

A good location is the central table, which is usually where guests will hover and where all the food tends to be! Here are 7 great DIY ideas:


  • Nothing says ‘party’ as effortlessly as balloons do.
  • Fairly inexpensive and just what you need for any party, create your very own fun centrepiece using balloons.
  • The colours and accents can be switched for different ones depending on what you are celebrating and what season it is.

Floating balloons

  • Instead of anchoring them on the table, or making an arrangement out of them, use string and let the balloons float above the table!
  • Tie them to fun, matching table decorations and you are good to go.

An edible centrepiece

  • If you’re hosting a brunch or dinner party, your guests will be around the table for the most part.
  • Impress with a centrepiece of fruits or other edible items – whether you should dissuade the guests from eating the centrepiece or not is completely up to you!

Candles, candles, candles

  • This is a classic centrepiece idea that dates all the way back in history but isn’t used very often now. This eye-catching centrepiece is the perfect back-drop to Insta-worthy food photos.
  • If you’re looking to achieve a romantic, vintage ambience, add some flowers to the mix.
  • What’s more, IKEA has a vast range of candles in all kinds of colours, sizes and even fragrances you can choose from!

Tiered trays

  • Add height to the centrepiece with a tiered tray, preferably three-tiered.
  • Decorate the tray with some sweet treats for an added touch.


  • Parties have taken on a more minimal and natural theme over the years.
  • That’s why greenery such as ferns and berries are the perfect assortment of decorations for a centrepiece, especially during the holidays!

For the kids

  • DIY and kids’ parties are the ultimate duo!
  • There is a lot that you can create for a centrepiece with a bit of craft paper and spare time.
  • From paper flower centrepieces to paper lanterns and pin-wheel flowers, a little craft session is a good way to get the little ones involved in the decorating process.

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