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7 simple Christmas party games for everyone to enjoy

The Christmas season is almost here, and it’s time for fun and games! And when you have your loved ones around, it becomes even more special.

Here are some of the family-friendly games suggested by the IKEA team that you can enjoy playing during the holidays!

Guess the ornament

  • When your guests are all settled in, ask them to guess how many ornaments are on your Christmas tree.
  • Ask them to write down their guess and their name on a piece of paper.
  • Later, you can pull each from a bowl while everyone is gathered around, and the winners take home an ornament!

Pictionary – the Christmas version!

  • What can be more fun than depicting Christmas carols or movies?
  • Split your guests into teams and take turns drawing and guessing.
  • To amp up the fun, throw in some mimicry of Christmas characters as well.

Movie Trivia

  • There isn’t enough time to watch all the Christmas movies out there. So relive them with family or guests by printing out some questions.
  • Split the guests up into teams, and start testing their knowledge on Christmas classics!
  • The winner gets to pick what everyone will watch after dinner!

Snowball Toss

  • Not actual snow, but with a bowl full of marshmallows!
  • Divide guests into teams. Then, from each team, each person tosses marshmallows into another’s mouth.
  • Teams get a point when any member catches a marshmallow in their mouth without dropping it or using their hands.

Guess who

  • Get everyone settled around comfortably on the sofas.
  • Then give each guest a list of Christmas themed prompts that they can readout.
  • Take turns guessing which person fits each description the best.
  • The person with the most accurate guesses wins!

Two truths and a lie

  • Just like the actual game, players take turns guessing which story is fake among the three stories.
  • The Christmas edition can have prompts such as “What is the worst Christmas gift you have received?”

Make your own Christmas tree

  • Everyone gets green construction paper, which they have to hold in their hands, behind their back and rip into the shape of a Christmas tree.
  • Doing this blindly means it’s unlikely any of them will look like a tree, but…
  • Whoever gets closest to a classic tree wins!

We’re sure Christmas will be loads of fun this year with these games – and IKEA experts remind everyone to remember to observe safety guidelines and keep the number of guests at a manageable level!

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