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7 smart tips for the ultimate small but efficient kitchen

A small kitchen can be quaint and charming, but making it functional can be a challenge. Check out these thoughtful and efficient design ideas from IKEA, that can help enhance your cooking space.

From cabinets to colour schemes and everything in between, here’s a list you just can’t ignore.

  1. Go vertical:

    Rethink and maximise space by going vertical with our IKEA wall cabinets or shelving units that extend to the ceiling. Items used regularly can go onto the lower shelves, while things used occasionally can be placed higher and accessed via a step ladder.

  2. Open up your shelving space:

    Use open shelves to display your good tableware rather than closed wall cabinets. This way your kitchen won’t look cramped and even smaller than it is, because open shelves will create an airy look, and they’re a hot kitchen trend right now.

  3. No clashing colours:

    Stay away from creating visual clutter by using too many colours in the kitchen. Pastels and neutral shades will open up the space more than dark colours. White adds timelessness to any design so use it liberally.

  4. Use overhead areas:

    Don’t overlook overhead space when trying to maximise a small kitchen. If your pots and pans are in good condition, consider securing a rack to the ceiling and hanging them up.

  5. Use the small spaces:

    Make use of even the smallest spaces. Adding a tilt-down drawer at your sink is a neat and handy way to store sponges that would otherwise take up valuable counter space.

  6. Go smart with cabinets:

    Get a convenient all-in-one cabinet and pantry with pull-out drawers and racks. Your small kitchen will thank you as IKEA’s plethora of solutions will allow you to store all your pantry items in a fraction of the space that a normal-sized pantry would require.

  7. Increase the efficiency:

    Increase efficiency with pull-out boards to keep the countertops clear. Get your cabinets and drawers organised for all your implements. You’ll still have all your kitchen stuff in place but away from plain sight.

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