7 Basic Rules To Remember While Revamping The Bathroom

Know your bathroom, Get everything checked, opt for a fresh coat, Consider a cheap alternative – cleaning, Accessorize, Consider changing tiles, Go for vertical storage

Nothing beats a relaxing shower, but if you’re thinking about the cracked paint or dull knobs more than relaxing, then you know it’s time to make some changes.
Here are a few things to keep in mind before renovating your bathroom:

1. Know your bathroom: Measure your bathroom for the correct sizes. You probably think you know every detail but it is advisable to check them again, especially if you’re thinking of new storage, tiling or fixtures. Better safe than sorry!

2. Get everything checked: Before revamping anything, hire a plumber and electrician or ask your building supervisor to check all the connections and lighting in your bathrooms. Issues like the health of the pipes, rusted fittings, leakages or termite infestations should definitely be taken care of before they become an issue.

3. Opt for a fresh coat: Paint is the cheapest and most dramatic form of renovation. Just a coat can do wonders and make the bathroom look new all over again. Choose the right colour and let the paint do the magic. Make sure to cover all the sides and walls, not leaving any side untouched.

4. Consider a cheap alternative – cleaning: Most times, a thorough cleaning can do wonders to your bathroom. Hire a helper or, if you’d rather do it yourself, put on the gloves and go for it. Use lemon and vinegar to clean knobs and taps. Scrub the bathtub, walls and floor with a good cleaner that removes grime, and don’t forget to declutter your storage.

5. Accessorize: Do an aesthetic revamp by adding new accessories to your bathroom. Get new towels of different colours and sizes, or replace your shower curtain with a bright-coloured one. Place scented candles and potpourri in strategic spots and maybe even a real plant that can help with keeping the air clean.

6. Consider changing tiles: If you’re going the whole nine yards, why not get the tiling redone? Painting the walls alone and leaving the floor looking old will just make everything look out of place. You might end up doing it later anyway, so consider redoing the walls and floor together to save time and money.

7. Go for vertical storage: Vertical storage is the way to go for smaller, cosy areas. It saves space and gives the illusion of a bigger bathroom. If you already have a large bathroom, you can fit much more into it. Not only towels, essentials, accessories and supplies, you could even have a nook for books and everything will look that much more organized.

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