A Practical Guide to Sofas

One of the most important choices for the living room is getting the right sofa. Often a stressful decision, it usually turns out to be a compromise between cost and comfort for most.

The key is to identify the use for it, the space available, and the theme of your home, whether it’s traditional or contemporary, before you start shopping.

At IKEA, our world-class product range is not only wallet-friendly but offers the comfort and variety to suit the most discerning tastes.

Consider your options with these expert tips.

  • Contemporary options

  • If you want to go for a simple, modern look, contemporary sofas with straight lines will be a good fit.
  • These designs make your living room look spacious and are easy to combine with odds-and-ends pieces of furniture you might already have.
  • They go especially well with neutral-toned walls.
  • Traditional choice

  • The other end of the spectrum would be to go for a classic and traditional style sofa.
  • The good thing about these is that they don’t go out of style and they can easily grow old with you.
  • They provide the needed comfort to relax in your living room and are well suited for a home with many generations of family members.
  • They fit well in large living rooms and come in a wide range of colours.
  • The combo option

  • There are other options available too. For instance, if you are living in a small apartment, going in for a futon sofa cum bed may be a good option.
  • It can be a space saver and the futon mattresses come with many different changeable slip-covers, which is an added bonus if you are the type who needs change often.
  • It is also great if unexpected guests show up for overnight stays.
  • Scandi style

  • Scandinavian style sofas are another option that’s gaining increasing popularity due to their unique and versatile design.
  • They add style and character to your room and are quite affordable.
  • If size is critical, these designs have a better chance of satisfying your “just the right size” need. It’s a great choice to add a touch of elegance to your home.

The bottom line: choose a sofa that’s comfortable, affordable, elegant and good value for money – and IKEA has something for every need. Look at all options and select the one that best fits your needs. The time invested will be well worth it after all!

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