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Bathrooms are an extremely personal space, but, at the same time, they are also one of the most functional spaces in your house. A lot of items are usually stored there, and there is room for a lot more. To make sure that your bathroom is not cluttered and messy, IKEA has a stunning range of accessories that will really make your life simple.

So go ahead, explore these simple yet functional options for your bathroom with tips from our experts.

Maintain the same theme

One thing that can make a bathroom – or any room – look messy is clashing colors and multiple themes. To avoid this, try to stick to one thing: white, for example, which is a color we love at IKEA, or metal, or wood. We have an extensive range of products in many different materials and colors, so you can pick and choose – but make sure everything matches.

Maximize shower wall space

Wall space in the shower area is one of the most rarely used. But IKEA has a wide range of shower shelves, shower hangers, baskets and even shelving units that you can use to store numerous items, from soaps and shampoos, to lotions, loofahs and more. This way most of the items you use in the bathroom can be hidden away in the shower area, leaving you a cleaner, more organized space outside.

Put your linens inside

While leaving a hand towel or two on a nice towel rail, hook or holder is fine, it’s generally not a good idea to leave too much of your linen out in the open – for reasons of cleanliness as well as elegance. But don’t worry – IKEA has a wide collection of storage bags, baskets and boxes that you can use to store all your linen, as well as many other items you don’t use regularly.

Make the best use of hidden areas

There are some very little used spaces in bathrooms: behind the toilet, beside the washbasin, or even underneath it. You may not want to clutter up this space with shelves or cabinets, but why not go in for a storage board set or even a series of hooks with suction cups? This will allow you to store a lot of small items that might otherwise get in the way and add to the clutter.

With these simple ideas, you can now accessorize your bathroom like a pro with IKEA.

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