Accessorize Your Kids’ Room the Right Way

Gone are the days where decorating your kids’ rooms meant a fresh paint job and a new way to organize their books and toys. With our Pinterest boards filling up with ideas from all around the world, we now know there are beautiful and simple ways to get your kids room looking brand new.

However, we also run the risk of overdoing things just for aesthetics and then having to live with a chaotic nightmare. That’s why we asked IKEA design experts: how can you accessorize and vamp up your kids’ room décor perfectly?

Here are five easy tips to keep in mind:

1. Student-Friendly Spaces

If your kids are old enough to be at a desk doing homework, then it can be both – practical and aesthetic to have their study tables be the focus of attention in the room. Think of installing noticeboards, having multi-purpose organizer bins or even blackboard paint on one of the walls for a truly eclectic twist!

2. Nature-Filled Beauty

Perfect for your tween who’s convinced she’s an adult, placing plants in your kid’s rooms will teach them to care for another living being while adding a fresh, bright look.

Either way, getting potted plants and terrariums in your kid’s room will add some charm and teach your kids something new while you’re at it.

Browse through IKEA’s wide selection of plant pots and holders and pick ones that’ll suit the overall décor.

3. Lights Are All-Important

Do not neglect this essential element when it comes to redoing your kids’ rooms. You can choose to do something dramatic, like have a small chandelier or a pretty wood night light.

Remember: Using warm lights will help your little ones fall asleep faster and sleep better.

4. All-Out Themes

This is always risky, especially when it comes to younger kids whose interests change with the changing winds. However, something that gets any kid excited is to see a room filled with all things themed.

Maybe your kiddo likes Disney’s Frozen or Cocomelon from YouTube – simply choose creative elements everywhere from curtains to linen to rugs match their current obsession!

5. Attention to Detail

No matter how you choose to accessorize your kids’ rooms, small, personal touches go a long way to make it feel like home.

Think curtains that they picked out themselves or stuffed toys that also match the theme of the room. You could even consider a non-breakable vase of flowers that they can replenish themselves.

These little touches will make a world of difference to your child.

Happy redecorating!

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