Add colour to your bedroom with textiles

Add colour to your bedroom with textiles

Decorating your bedroom and giving it a personality can turn out to be exciting for many whilst daunting for others. But remember that attacking your walls armed with paint and a brush is not the only way to make your bedroom look beautiful. Many different types of textiles & accessories are available to brighten up any bedroom.  So don’t worry about those neutral coloured walls, by adding the right textiles you can still make your room look snazzy.

Comfortable Bedspread - IKEA UAELet us take a look at the colourful textiles that will add that extra zing to your bedroom.

Bedspreads: Chose a bedspread with colours that complement, instead of match the walls. A bedspread occupies a lot of visual space; hence use patterns that are not too hypnotizing.

Pillows and pillow covers: For a lot of people, pillows only mean a place to rest your head. But pillows are much more than that! They add a dimension to your bedroom. Dress up your pillows with pillow cases with different colours and make sure they contrast with your bedspread – make your bed stand out with this colourful ensemble.

Blankets and quilts: A quilt with both beauty and well…not brains, but comfort needn’t always be expensive. You can find extremely affordable blankets and quilts that will make your bedroom look irresistible. A lot of designs are available today with bright, lively colours. You can even go for something more elegant like a double-sided quilt with rich colour combinations like purple and grey or different patterns on each side.

Curtains: Bedroom window curtains must be heavy and thick so you can control the amount of light passing through. If you are concerned about having to clean your curtains often, opt for darker colours since light colours get dirty faster. By using a curtain to conceal closet space or creating a dressing room, instead of a bulky door, you add more pizzazz to otherwise typical décor. Make sure the curtains stand out from the wall colours but match the bed linen.

Textiles add vitality to your bedroom and lift it from something very ordinary to something very classy & chic, even while on a tight budget. So colour your bedroom…with textiles!

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