Add Light This Diwali

Light over darkness, it is Diwali season again! We know that this year has been quite tough, yet it is no excuse to make it end that way! There is nothing better than spreading joy and exchanging smiles with friends and family, but your home must reflect that positive and blissful feeling too. Dreamy decorations, tons of lights, gifts and more, we are sharing with you some tips to help you set up your home this Diwali! Read on:

Create A Festive Mood

At this time of year, you will definitely be looking at ways to brighten up your space, and the simplest way to do so would be: Candles! You can place different candle sets and colors around your home to make the atmosphere feel warmer and more inviting. For instance, you can add scented block in different sizes and colors for a clean and elegant feel. You can also go for LED block candles, an alternative to normal candles. They give a soft flickering light and can be used as decorative lighting both indoors and outdoors.

Never Without Some More Glow

You can never have too much light! Afterall, we are talking about the festival of lights! Create a nice setting with LED lighting chains – they instantly make your home more festive! You can hang them outdoors on your balcony or patio, or you can use them to decorate your dining table, or you can place them inside decorative pieces like vases and bowls. Also, if you prefer to go all out, you may install a chandelier with a one of a kind design for a nice decorative light.

Add Decorative Elements

One way to make the Diwali festival even better is to introduce attention-grabbing decoration to the most public places in your home, like your living room. You can select a few décor pieces such as vases and bowls and place them on a table or on shelves. We would also like to mention the AROMTAISK collection that was inspired by Indian influences. The lantern for tealight can enhance a home’s décor. It creates a playful shadow and can work as table for decoration, for example.

Here are simple tips and tricks that you can apply yourself when decorating your home for Diwali festival this season!

Happy decorating, or shall we say, lights!

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