Adding a spark to the dinner table

There’s something about sitting down to eat. Think of it, either as a way of honouring your food or honouring yourself. Sure, there are times when you’re too caught up in your busy schedule that eating on the go becomes your only way of nourishing yourself. Just make sure that you make time every now and then to sit down, set the table and have a meal with your loved ones.

There may be those of you who live alone and think this is not for you. Maybe eating on the couch in front of the TV is more your thing. Well, it’s time to change all that. Switch off the TV. Set the table, even if it’s just you. You’ll notice the difference right away. If space is an issue, go for a wall mounted folding table and a folding chair. Just make it a practice to tune out the world and focus on your food for a change.

For those who have a bit more space to spare, a two chair table combination would be good. When it comes to buying dinner tables and chairs, most people think in terms of utility. The design is left entirely to chance and it’s usually a hit or miss thing. However, with a bit of attention, you can choose a design that goes well with the rest of the house.

Minimalist designs look good in modern houses and the neutral upholstery and woods go well with other pieces in simple designs. Rustic designs are great if you like a bit of the country in your living space to invoke a feeling of simpler times. Colourful stools and tables are a great option for those vibrant happy people or creative types who love to be surrounded by colour. A bit of colour can liven up any space. If you like to have pieces that are more arty and interesting, do try transparent chairs for your dinner table that is reminiscent of the famous Ghost Chairs.

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