Additions to make your workspace more comfortable

You spend majority of your life working, be it in a corporate office or from home. The design and décor of the work environment can affect your work output just as much as your colleagues. The ideal work space is well lit, clutter free and populated with comfortable furniture created to optimize productivity. With the right amount of planning, this can be easily achieved.

Let’s start with furniture. Most work involves a major amount of sitting therefore the chair and table you use impacts your posture and health. We’re speaking of vital things such as pressure on the spine, blood flow therefore it’s important that your furniture is ergonomically designed to provide support all day.

Next comes lighting. Get rid of harsh fluorescent lighting that is the bane of work environments worldwide. It saps your energy and stresses your eyes. Instead replace it with led bulbs that cast a luminous white light. Led lights, though expensive, tend to consume far less energy and last much longer than regular bulbs.

Regular work is bound to create a certain amount of clutter. If you’re not well organized, clutter can get out of hand and affect your work output. A cabinet and a shelf are a good place to start. A drop file sorter in your cabinet will help you organize your work better. You would need trays for your essential paperwork and a pencil holder or two for your writing instruments. Apart from this, do buy a drawer insert to keep things segregated in the drawers and to prevent scratches.

Desktops and Laptop computers are a huge part of the work environment and wherever computers go, extension cords and chargers are bound to follow.  Add to this the chargers for smartphones, tablets, iPads and you can almost imagine the mess. Simple additions such as a horizontal cable trunking attached under the table will neatly hold all your electrical and computer cables. Similarly, a cable management box can hold your chargers in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Despite your best measures, you may not be able to tame all wires. In such cases, opt for a cable management set that allows you to collect and tack your wires and cables neatly onto walls.

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