Bath time fun for kids

A bath is one of those daily rituals that cannot be avoided. Many kids are not too keen on daily baths and therefore a bit of creativity needs to be used to make this a fun time for both the parent and the child. Bathing essentials need not stop at soaps and shampoos; a few bath toys and fluffy towels can make this a delightful experience for the child. Read on for tips on how to keep toddlers and little children entertained in the bath while they get clean.

Baby Bath Toy - IKEA UAE

Toys are a great way to entertain little tots. Apart from the regular rubber ducks, you can introduce them to little boats and other floating toys such as the bath-toy eel from IKEA. The idea is to give them something to focus on while you clean them up. Apart from this, playing helps children develop their imagination and it will be great for them to think of baths as an extension of play time rather than an end to it. Bubble baths and ‘find-the-soap’ games are two other ways to get them excited about getting into the tub. Turn this into bonding time where you talk to them and play with them rather than thinking of it as a chore.

Getting out of a warm bath can be torturous for adults and kids are no different. Cover them up in a fluffy towel as soon as you get them out. To make it even better for toddlers and tiny tots, wrap them up in a towel with a hood to keep them cosy while you go about drying and moisturizing. It’s advisable to moisturize their skin within three to four minutes of coming out of the tub. Do this right before you dress them and send them off to bed.

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