Beautify your home

Even a well-furnished home looks a bit bland without a personal touch. Most of us are in the habit of purchasing pretty little things that don’t go with the rest of the décor. It’s understandable when such things are gifted to us or bought on vacation, but otherwise, it’s best to choose with an understanding of what you want and how the pieces you pick go with the theme of the house. The options available in the market can be overwhelming and something that looks fantastic in the showroom can look mismatched in your house. Here’s an easy way to categorize your purchases:


If you love a hint of drama and glamour in your home, then go for things that invoke luxury in shades of black, gold and jewel tones. A gold and black bowl or dish can up the drama with very little effort. This would look particularly good against a backdrop of ivory whites and dark browns.


Going to the country regularly, though relaxing, can be a bit impractical for those of you who live in the city. The best way to overcome this is to add a rustic touch to your home to remind you to live simply. A pitcher shaped vase filled with a dried lavender bouquet, wire baskets filled with fruits, woven bowls, straw apple decorations etc add just the right amount of quaintness to your living area.


Clean lines and smooth surfaces invoke a feeling of Zen like calmness while being modern at the same time. A stark minimalist look filled with square glass vases and white bowls may be tiring after a while. The best way to combat this would be to choose pieces that have an unexpected component to it such as a capsule vase in white and yellow or a cylindrical wooden bowl with a painted exterior.


There’s nothing to stop those of you who love colour to surround yourself with colourful knickknacks.  A set of colourful vases placed together, dried flower bouquets and bowls in primary colours such as yellow, red etc are ways in which you can incorporate colour even into the plainest of rooms.

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